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Tulip / Rolex Mania: The Horology House Incident
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  • Wow, amazing story, now let’s wait all the folks who bought from him they are now probably going to check if they are original watches…I’m sure some surprises will arise..
    On the other hand, I completely agree with you, this Rolex stuff is getting out of hand, people waiting a year for getting one whilest many of them don’t have a clue of what they are purchasing, they just want a rolex. I’ve also heard a story of a lady wanting to purchase a Rolex for his husband and the AD telling her that she needed to have a previous Rolex in her posetion in order to be able to adquire a Daytona…crazy isn’t it?

  • Great story… yes it is Tulip time;-)
    And it is even harder to understand that some in watch media and industry are further pushing people to believe that watches are a true investment.
    Mechanical watches are a hobby… indeed a very nice hobby worth spending money for! Investing into a hobby is what makes a hobby a true hobby. But when doing so the expected primary return should be joy rather than financial gain. And this is the problem currently. People were made believe that watches are investment instruments gaining value. Such a dumb idea and this can turn our beloved hobby sour if the industry does not change its mind.

    Armand… well observed.
    Thanks Andi

  • Disgusting that our hobby is used by unscrupulous people to financially exploit our dreams & aspirations – & it’s not just limited to expensive Rolex/Patek’s….
    There’s whole forums & websites dedicated to these fakes & their immoral trade!!
    Im looking to buy a Tudor North Flag, & you can imagine my horror when I stumbled upon these websites/forums selling fakes of these relatively affordable pieces. Absolutely deplorable! Needless to say I daren’t buy used now & shall have to wait & buy new from my local Ad as I feel this is the only way I can ensure authenticity.
    I was aware of this story as I stumbled upon it while researching my upcoming purchase on The Rolex Forum, but am pleased that you, Armand, are making more people aware of it and not shying away from the topic as many other famous YouTube watch personalities are.
    Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  • Nice story. I love your clips on YouTube. However, this guy from Australia seems to fall hard. I do not like a trial by media. I even saw someone claiming that he has mental issues. We are not in the position to judge because we lack the full picture. This said, sending £5000 around the globe is allways tricky. I agree with the Rolex bubble. An oyster does not feel very sturdy in comparison to a black bay. It is not worth the money.. Good luck with your channel!.

  • Hey Armand,
    I came relatively late to the Watch game. As a consequence, it has been a great disappointment to observe the watch market. Where there is a lot of money, there are going to be people who will try to exploit it. Regardless, all I can do is sit back and watch as market forces play out. Thank you so much for your content!

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