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Welcome to Watch Chronicler

Welcome to Watch Chronicler

Watch Chronicler

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Watch Chronicler the UK based magazine for the UK and Europe for watch enthusiasts, those simply curious about watches, and everyone in between.

This is a platform for everyone and has been created offer a shared watch-related outlet to bring together the world of watches in an open to new and established brands alike. This is a platform to reveal the world behind the watch face, and to bring us all closer to watchmaking, not simply the end result.

Watch Chronicler is an online magazine to bring the personal element to the world of watches. Here, we do not believe in simply rewriting press releases or giving commentary on products. We believe in telling the story behind the marvellous designs and mechanisms of watchmaking or in letting the best qualified person tell the story. After all, the people behind this industry are form the backbone and direction of the watch world.

On Watch Chronicler you will find coverage aiming at the UK and European markets, areas of the world with a proud history of watchmaking from the sea clocks of John Harrison, to the endless innovations of Abraham-Louis Breguet or the remarkable work of Christiaan Huygens. However, since the beginning of online watch publications, the UK has not received the same level of coverage as North America or Southeast Asia, which is something which we would like to change with Watch Chronicler.

Please also rest assured that integrity is central to Watch Chronicler thus meaning that the reader will always be aware of advertising, sponsorship or any other aspect of the site which should be disclosed. This is a priority in a world where the inextricable link between journalism and advertising can sometimes be blurred or unclear.

With that, I would like to thank you for joining us at the beginning of this journey which will open new doors into the remarkable watch industry.

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