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WCU #53: What A Watch Review Can Never Tell You

WCU #53: What A Watch Review Can Never Tell You

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When preparing to buy or simply learning about a new watch, a review can be an invaluable tool. However, there are always some aspects of a watch which a review simply help you with. This, ladies and gentleman, is where I’d like to take you in this podcast.

What is the function of a good watch review? Should it inform you of the all the details of a watch or simply help you understand the theme and style? Can a watch review replace hands-on time with a product before the purchase or should it purely be accessory to personal experience? There are, inevitably, no concrete answers to these questions yet those selected by each journalist will wildly change the outcomes of their reviews.

In any case, there are a few questions which, in my opinion, no review can truly answer. These are questions of reliability, servicing network and, quite simply, poor customer support. Ultimately, the feature common amongst all brands with a long-term public following is easily accessed and reliable support for all of the technical issues which will inevitably hamper the operation of even the finest quality mechanical movement throughout its life.

In today’s podcast, I would like to explore these issues as well as a few clear technical faults with a tendency to only present themselves after the days or weeks a journalist may spend with any given timepiece.

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