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WCU #46: Why Vintage Watches Are The Future

WCU #46: Why Vintage Watches Are The Future

Breitling Top Time vintage watches

Are vintage watches the future of the watch industry? Perhaps the answer to this question is more complicated than it at first seems. Today’s episode of Watch Chronicler Unscripted explores all the corners of this idea.

The last decade has brought a truly immense number of vintage-inspired watches from the wildly successful Tudor Black Bay to innumerable microbrands and even the most recent Omega Speedmaster Professional. Whilst some voices (my own, on some occasions) have assumed that the vintage watch would be a passing phase, such an eventuality now seems far less of a foregone conclusion.

In today’s podcast, I think that it’s time to re-evaluate just why a vintage-inspired format may be the very future which the watch industry needs. In fact, I would like to argue that vintage watches, their styling cues and inherent ‘story’ will not leave watches in future.

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