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WCU #43: The Panerai Problem

WCU #43: The Panerai Problem

The Panerai Problem Radiomir

Once a darling of the men’s watch landscape, Panerai is a brand seemingly now in decline. In this podcast, let’s consider where the Panerai problem emerged and why I hope that this iconic Florentine brand can return to former glory.

Panerai is a brand virtually inextricable from the history of diving from the use of Italian frogmen during the Second World War to the Egyptian Navy in the 1950s. Today, their advertising message is much the same with the addition of some brand ambassadors in, amongst other scenes, the world of freediving.

At the height of its following, Panerai was a brand with an extremely active collector community, the Paneristi. Two decades, umpteen limited editions and an assortment of new technologies later, Panerai has fallen from grace as their fan base has gradually diminished. In this podcast, I’d like to examine just what happened to create “The Panerai Problem” and how Panerai may still be capable of a full recovery.

To find listen to more of our podcasts, head over to our dedicated column or take a look at the Panerai website to learn more.

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  • I love panerai, if they were to release a new case design, completely different Shape, a completely different watch, I think it would be refreshing, controversial to the die hard fans, and would get alot of attention. They need to produce a new line, something fresh

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