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WCU #40: Aquastar Deepstar: The Next Doxa?

WCU #40: Aquastar Deepstar: The Next Doxa?

Aquastar Deepstar 2020

Under the direction of Rick Marei, the Aquastar Deepstar, Jacques Cousteau’s diving chronograph, has returned to the market with a bang. With history and technical innovation, is the Aquastar Deepstar the next Doxa?

Launched in 1965, the Aquastar Deepstar was the watch which truly created the diving chronograph market. Featuring a combination of a Valjoux column-wheel chronograph, running indicator and timing bezel featuring an indication of time between dives, this was a dive computer for the 1960s. Used by the team of Jacques-Yves Cousteau during their ‘Conshelf’ experiments, this watch has serious pedigree.

The brainchild of Rick Marei of Doxa fame and supported by the Synchron Group, the new Aquastar Deepstar tweeks the original watch’s size and water resistance for modern expectations. In today’s podcast I would like to present the brand’s remarkable history as well as ask whether the new Aquastar Deepstar is the next Doxa.

Head over to the Aquastar website to find out more about the Deepstar or take a look at our podcast section to hear about more topics.

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