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WCU #39: Danger of Chasing Profits: Why Small Watch Brands Might be Best

WCU #39: Danger of Chasing Profits: Why Small Watch Brands Might be Best

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Have you ever wondered whether every-growing watch brands are best? Does it sometimes seem like profit is the only motivation for large watch brands? In today’s podcast, let’s consider why small watch brands might be best.

Today’s watch industry is fiercely commercial as large groups compete with each other for sales. Whether the Swatch Group, Richemont or LVMH, these groups and larger brands aim to chase profit. Of course, this is hardly a surprise and seems entirely reasonable when you consider the sheer scale of their operations. However, I would like to present the case for smaller brands as sources of far more vocational timepieces.

For many smaller brands, it is a loyal group of collectors and their purchases which enable them to experiment and to develop in directions which would not be financially viable to their larger counterparts. Listen to the podcast and tell me what you think.

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