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Unscripted Podcast No. 17: The First Watch Scratch is the Deepest

Unscripted Podcast No. 17: The First Watch Scratch is the Deepest

Watch Chronicler Podcast the first watch scratch is the deepest

The first scratch on a new watch can be a dreadful occurrence for a new owner. However, in today’s podcast, I would like to discuss the inevitability of scratches and the way in which we need to accept them as part of the joy of ownership of the watches which we love.

We all know the same sinking feeling: you’ve just smacked your watch against a door handle and you daren’t look. It’s, undeniably, a dreadful feeling. However, for a number of reasons discussed in today’s podcast, it is a complete inevitability too. Considering the impact on value and the enjoyment of a watch, everyday scratches may be a very important part of watch ownership to consider.

In today’s episode of the Watch Chronicler Podcast, I would like to discuss first watch scratches as well as what to expect from a watch in terms of scratch resistance and how to be at peace with scratches.

How do you behave towards scratches on your watches?

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