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The Perfect Watches for All Occasions

The Perfect Watches for All Occasions

Even as a watch enthusiast, I must concede that the vast majorities of daily tasks require only one watch. There is also the sensible argument that, if one spends the value of a watch collection on a single piece, the quality of that single watch will usually be higher. Therefore, in this video I would like to discuss 5 watches which fit the job of being a watch for all purposes whilst not in any way being boring: something easier said than done. Above all, these watches offer durability, practicality and versatility so as to be appropriate for almost any situation.

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  • Morning Armand,

    I seek a recommendation from you – contextually relevant perhaps in these dark times.
    I have the following ‘requirements’ if you will, for a GMT watch; I shall be very happy if you can distill one, or maybe a few more watches for me, from your vast insights on watch brands, movements, quality of design and construction, ruggedness and service perspectives :

    1. Men’s watch; 15-16 mm wrist diameter
    2. GMT, (two or three time zones) with preferably a manual winding movement; if not manual, then an automatic
    3. Preferred case diameter size from about 35mm to 40 mm
    4. A stainless steel case
    5. No component of the watch, nothing should be from PRC ( apologies for this)
    6.Price range US $ 750-2000
    7. Water resistance – 100m; more is welcome
    8. Leather strap
    9. Sapphire crystal with strong anti-reflective coating
    10. In house or 3rd party sourced movement is fine as long as its rigorously tested for accuracy and longevity of optimal operation
    11. Warranty if possible

    Thank you!

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