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Ollech & Wajs C-1000: The Perfect Swiss Dive Watch?

Ollech & Wajs C-1000: The Perfect Swiss Dive Watch?

In 1966, Ollech and Wajs became the first brand to offer a dive watch with a 1000-metre water resistance. Well, this watch is back in a brand new format as the Ollech & Wajs C-1000 with stunning design and quality and a true Swiss construction. Find out more in our review.

Very few brands can say that they changed the history of watches. In 1966, Rolex, Omega and Doxa had not yet offered extreme dive watches for a new period of deep-sea exploration. However, Zurich-based Ollech & Wajs had just such a watch in the form of the Caribbean 1000: the first 1000-metre dive watch.

Ollech & Wajs have decided to release a follow-up in the form of the Ollech & Wajs C-1000 with a totally new design but with superb quality and 90% Swiss-made construction. This watch could be the very best Swiss dive watch currently available.

See more in our full review.

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  • Hi Armand
    Great review and a fantastic video. Very well done. I really like this watch and it’s on my “got to have it” list.
    I’m not sure yet if I can live with the C-1000 printing on the dial at 3 o’clock. In my opinion it ruins the symmetry of the gorgeous dial.
    They could have engraved that on the back.
    Everything else is how I like it. Way more than the ridiculous 60% Swiss made, independent brand, (no big monster behind that has to please the share holders), no see through case back, date on a black disk at six o’clock and the bracelet.
    Hmmm… will see if I get one. 🙂

    Best regards from Lucerne
    Reto (reetzli on IG)

  • Great Review. What in your opinion is the limitation with the clasp on the steel bracelet, as you refer to it as a “stumbling block”? Thanks!

    • Thank you very much for the kind comment. For me, the clasp is simply too simple for a watch of this price. It is a folded piece of steel with no on-the-fly extension and a fairly tinny construction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in a different league to old Rolex Submariner clasps but, given the more affordable alternatives and the heavy case, it could have been better.

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