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NEW RELEASE: Sinn U50 — A U1 for Everyone?

NEW RELEASE: Sinn U50 — A U1 for Everyone?

Sinn U50

Sinn has added a new dive watch to its range in the form of the Sinn U50. This 500-metre dive watch is smaller at 41mm in diameter and offers all the brilliance of the famous U1 with a better movement and in a more approachable size. Let’s see how is fits into the Sinn range and what the U50 is all about.

The Sinn U1 is a real classic of German design. As a dive watch, its 1000-metre water resistance and Teutonic design are unparalleled. Sinn have also made a name for this watch thanks to the use of ‘Submarine steel’ — a particularly corrosion-resistant form — and for their ‘Tegiment’ process to harden these watches. However, for many, the 44mm diameter of the U1 was simply too much and they dissuaded them from taking the proverbial plunge.

Sinn U50 Sinn U1

Previously, Sinn had a solution to this problem: the U200. Offered in a 37mm case, this now-discontinued model was often presented as an exciting 2000-metre dive watch in a size appropriate for the modern trend for smaller watches. In practice, however, it didn’t sell well. The design appealed to a burlier wearer than its size and the combination of a thick but narrow case resulted in an uncomfortable wear.

Sinn U50 side

With the Sinn U50, I am glad to report that all is improved. Firstly, the case is 41mm and 11.2mm thick. This is, I must add, exceptionally thin for a watch of such water resistance and a much better fit for the wrists most likely to look for a smaller U1. In order to create a slimmer U1, some profound changes have been made which impact upon the overall product.

Notably, the water resistance of the Sinn U50 is reduced to a totally-adequate 500-metre rating. Secondly, the tough but simple Sellita SW200-1 of the U1 is replaced with the thinner (3.6mm vs 4.6mm) Sellita SW300-1. This is based upon the ETA 2892-2 but with 25 jewels in place of 21 and an altogether more refined design than that of the aforementioned movement. For Sinn, a brand known for value and for operating with small profit-margins, this means a somewhat higher price than the U1 although it will still be affordable for the right customer.

Sinn U50 S

Elsewhere, these watches are furnished with the same elegant and Germanic case design but in a more approachable size as well as a narrower 20mm lug width. In addition to the standard watch, the U50 SDR and U50 S are available with different levels of DLC finishing to give a more stealthy effect. Whilst all bezels and DLC finished parts are Tegimented, this is also a 250 euro option for the standard watch.

The case is also capable of resisting low pressure for pilots and, based upon the same requirements needing to be provided by a saturation dive watch without an HEV, I would assume that it could also survive use in a diving bell. The sapphire crystal is anti-reflective on both sides and the bezel is screwed into place as a captive bezel thus avoiding its loss even in the most extreme of mishaps.

The dial design follows the style of the U1 rather than the more expensive EZM range in which belongs the U2 and belonged the U200. This means stunning and unique ‘Lego’ hands and squared luminous markers painted onto the matte black dial. I really can’t think of a more Germanic look for a dive watch and, as such, the Sinn U50 may bring the wonderful U1 to a wider audience.

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Sinn U50

Has Sinn just made the perfect hard-as-nails dive watch? Only time will tell but I have a hunch that they have.

Availability: For sale now with deliveries in June: EUR 1,990 – 2,600


  • Dimensions: 41mm x 11.2mm
  • Material: Submarine Steel
  • Crystal: Flat Sapphire with Internal & External Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Display: Luminous hands, markers & bezel / Date / Hours, minutes & seconds / Date at 3 o’clock / Unidirectional captive dive bezel with ‘Tegimented’ treatment
  • Water Resistance: 500m / 1,650ft / 50 ATM
  • Movement: Sellita SW300-1: Time & date / Automatic & manual winding / Hacking / 42-hour power reserve / 4Hz, 28,800 vph, 8 ticks-per-second / Swiss made / 25 jewels

Find out more about Sinn on their website or read about other new releases in our dedicated section

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