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NEW RELEASE: Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph

NEW RELEASE: Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph

Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph S

Ollech & Wajs have followed-up their wonderful C-1000 dive watch with the Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph: a new, blue and more specialised 90% Swiss 1000-metre dive watch. As a lover of the original watch, this may be a perfect if somewhat ‘niche’ counterpart to their current dive watch.

For the last few years, Zurich-based brand Ollech & Wajs have shown a remarkable ability to refresh models from their past but without the vintage appearance which appears endemic to the watch industry. With their latest watch, the Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph, they have presented a new play on the successful C-1000 dive watch.

In my opinion, Ollech & Wajs is a rather original brand. Where others replicate their vintage watches with few changes in order to capture the whimsy and nostalgia currently popular amongst buyers, Ollech & Wajs have taken a different path.

Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph

Whether a dive watch or a pilot’s watch, Ollech & Wajs use a handsome and understated shape with long, slender lugs and brushed flanks for a technical feel. Whilst this means that their watches bear little resemblance to their vintage counterparts, it gives order to the modern collection and gives a sense of heritage but without repetition. This, it goes almost without saying, is welcome.

Even so, where history is concerned, Ollech & Wajs certainly isn’t wanting. Their past catalogue includes classics such as the Caribbean 1000 — the first 1000-metre dive watch from 1964. Whilst Ollech & Wajs introduced a modern counterpart to that model last year (and which we recently reviewed), the logical next step was to reintroduce the Ocean Graph from 1968.

Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph

This piece offered the same design as the Caribbean 1000 but added a decompression bezel in order to assist divers during this critical part of their ascent. In the spirit of this watch, the new Ocean Graph keeps most of the tried and tested features of the completely redesigned C-1000. As such, it remains a 39.56mm by 15.8mm thick stainless steel dive watch.

This construction also guarantees a 1000-metre water resistance which, as per ISO standards, is tested to over 1,200 metres. This is provided by a very large, exposed threaded crown and a 5.6mm-thick domed sapphire crystal. Immediately, though, visual changes are apparent.

Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph

Of course, the colours have taken a more playful blue and orange pairing for a touch of the French Riviera when compared to the austere black or the C-1000. However, more important is the bezel which has been re-engineered to be a different shape entirely. In place of the sloped bezel of the C-1000 — a feature designed for durability — the Ollech & Wajs Ocean Graph provides a taller coin-edge and a wider bezel insert to present the decompression times more clearly. My only criticism of this choice is that, with the removal of the bezel’s luminous treatment, it will prove less useful for most wearers.

Ollech & Wajs ETA 2824-2

Inside, this watch uses a dependable ETA 2824-2. However, in the spirit of this watch being a ‘true’ Swiss watch with over 90% of components originating in Switzerland, the baseplate is stamped with the Ollech & Wajs logo and rotor is a bespoke unit. Interestingly, neither of these features will ever be seen by the owner yet it is very telling that they are nonetheless included. Additionally, the movement is regulated to five positions.

The new Ocean Graph is no revolution for Ollech & Wajs but rather an interesting addition to their collection. With a more niche complication and a slightly higher price, I suspect that this watch will be less popular than the C-1000. However, it’s very pleasant to see this feature so boldly added and I look forward to handling one in the metal.

Availability: CHF 1,556 – 1,696


  • Dimensions: 39.56mm x 15.8mm
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: 5.6mm-Thick Domed Anti-Reflective Sapphire
  • Display: Brushed hands / Matte-blue dial / Orange luminous treatment on the hands and dial / Uni-directional decompression bezel
  • Water Resistance: 1,000m / 3,300ft / 100 ATM
  • Movement: ETA 2824-2: Time & date / 38-hour power reserve / Hacking / Manual & automatic winding / 4 Hz, 28,800 vph, 8 ticks-per-second / Swiss made / 25-jewels

Learn more on the Ollech & Wajs website

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