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Unscripted Podcast No. 18: Microbrands: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Unscripted Podcast No. 18: Microbrands: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

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Microbrand watches have grown immensely in the watch world with new brands seemingly popping up every month. These range from affordable homages to the Rolex Submariner to stunning but rare plays on dive watch design. Today, I would like to discuss what microbrands are and the pros and cons of buying from them.

When you look for a new watch, where do you look? Maybe you consider the major brands on the market or perhaps you look for something further off the beaten track. If you go for the latter, you will be familiar with microbrand watches. Often the creation of a one-man team, there is real appeal to these watches which aren’t the product of a committee.

However, the very definition of what a microbrand watch is can be debated. Equally, there are inevitable pros and cons to buying from such a brand. In today’s episode of the Watch Chronicler Unscripted Podcast, I discuss everything about microbrand watches.

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