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Horage Multiply Review: The Custom Luxury Watch?

Horage Multiply Review: The Custom Luxury Watch?

Horage Multiply

The Horage Multiply is unusual in that, as a luxury watch, it offers the buyer true customisation and control over the end result courtesy of a unique movement. Is this THE custom luxury watch?

Customisation isn’t perhaps the first thing which springs to mind when considering a luxury watch. Frankly, in most cases, it’s best to leave design to the professionals. However, through the use of the Horage K1 movement (a movement with the option to include or remove complications with no change to the dimensions) the Horage Multiply has been created.

Conceived as an everyday luxury watch between a sports and a dress watch, the Multiply allows a total of 48 configurations to suit the desires and needs of the owner. To add to this, it includes a long, 65-hour power reserve and a silicon escapement.

See more in our full review.

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