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Formex Essence Space Rock: Out of this World

Formex Essence Space Rock: Out of this World

The Formex Essence Space Rock adds a meteorite dial to the much-loved Formex Essence and its case suspension system. Let’s see how a luxurious dial adds to the highly technical sports watch.

The Formex Essence has always been one of the easiest watches to recommend. Now available in stainless steel or ceramic and carbon fibre, the Essence has always been exceptionally well priced, extremely well made and, above all, very innovative with its case suspension system.

In today’s review, let’s take a look at the latest and most individual version of the Essence and Essence LEGGERA: the Formex Essence Space Rock. Fitted with a unique dial made from a 4,000,000 year-old meteorite, the Space Rock version of the Essence adds a touch of luxury. The question then is: does this add something to the already-brilliant Essence?

To see more of Formex, take a look at our dedicated section or head over to their website

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